UK Sounds provides a vital platform to highlight and represent the broad range of exciting music from across the UK.

UK Sounds supports and champions the broad range of exciting music coming out of all four UK nations to empower artists, creators and businesses on the global stage while connecting international industry professionals with UK talent.

Set up by PRS Foundation in collaboration with several music export organisations and partners, UK Sounds will be a vital platform for UK-based artists and music businesses who are considering export or are export ready so that they can reach audiences and expand their careers overseas. UK Sounds will foster new business connections and bolster opportunities to showcase and network – providing a comprehensive solution for the music sector.

And international industry contacts can use UK Sounds to discover the dynamic sounds and unrivalled creativity of the UK music scene.

UK Sounds will bring together and amplify available resources, highlighting the work of various export stakeholders and strengthening UK music’s visibility and presence compared to activity undertaken in isolation.