Richard Spaven

Forging his own path into the future… With roots in the U.K. club and hip-hop scenes, Richard Spaven brings a fresh approach to the instrument that’s at once modern and traditional. Combining machine-like accuracy with jazz-influenced improvisational sensibilities, Spaven’s drumming has landed him gigs with vastly varied artists such as UK rapper Loyle Carner, Guru of hip-hop duo Gang Starr, producer Flying Lotus, jazz/hip-hop vocalist José James and Brainfeeder artist Jameszoo. Spaven’s brilliance is evident beyond his world-class performance abilities; he’s equally impressive in production and compositional territories. And most recently, the drummer released his fifth solo record, ‘Spirit Beats’, which once again showcases his multifaceted talent.

Spaven’s signature drum sound often sees him combine high-pitched, crisp snares; round, jazzy toms; and small, punchy bass drums. His cymbal choices are a sonic contrast of dry, lower-pitched hi-hats, rides, and crashes. Altogether, the drummer’s tone could be described as a nod to the past while keeping an ear toward the future. Much like his compositions, Spaven’s drumming is elusive and genre-defying.

  • Onstage11:00 pm
    Jazz re:freshed Outernational


    Velveeta Room
    521 E 6th St. Austin TX 78701

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Artist Details