Keychange wins a UK LIVE Award

We’re incredibly proud of the Keychange team for winning the “The LIVE Workforce Award” at this year’s UK LIVE Awards.

“The LIVE Workforce Award” recognises those working to improve diversity, inclusion and/or equality in the workplace or broader live music business and Keychange was nominated amongst a number of incredible organisations and initiatives.

Keychange team members, Christina Hazboun (Keychange Project Manager, UK) and Aysha Hussain (Keychange Coordinator) along with previous UK Project Manager Francine Gorman, picked up the award at the ceremony that was held at The Troxy in Central London.

In her thank you speech, Christina said,

We cannot be happier, nor more grateful about receiving the LIVE Music Award than we are now.

Approaching the end of the current phase of the Keychange project, we are humbled to see all of our efforts being acknowledged and appreciated by our colleagues and peers.

Throughout the six year lifespan of our project, we are proud to have galvanised change towards greater gender diversity within the music ecosystem, through our annual participants program. This wouldn’t have been possible without our brilliant partners from 12 countries, whom we’d equally like to thank.

Big thanks should also go to Francine Gorman, whose work thus far on the pledge has been crucial, in achieving a wider reach and laying the foundations for our Pledge Action Plan, alongside the very insightful Pledge Report which is available for the industry to access on our website.

Our over 650 signatories, dispersed worldwide, have also been part of creating the change by pledging to make amendments to the way they run their affairs, in order to make space for women and gender diverse artists. We would like to thank them too.

Yet as we come to the end of this phase, we are already looking forward, and have expanded our pledge to include more intersectionality by bringing attention to our different socio-economic, cultural, ethnic backgrounds, but also our physical and mental abilities. It is therefore paramount that we all work together to spark a wider drive towards inclusivity, especially in these dark times.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank Becky and the Sound City team with whom we have been close partners over the past years, and who were also nominated for this award.